Home away from home?

One thing I’ve never understood is package holidays, its not surprising depression effects 1 in 5 people in the UK, people need a break from this competitive ‘dog eat dog’ game. A way of life we’ve created where your self worth relies on whether you can go from a checkout clerk to winning the x-factor, or whether you can get that promotion in the job you hate so you can mortgage a house and finance a car you’ll be paying off for the rest of your life. Its a vicious cycle…That’s where a holiday comes in, perfect, a self expanding, rejuvenating and cultural feast for the body and mind…Magaluf? Surely not? We seem to have insisted on taking all the worst parts about the uk overseas with us, english pubs, british food, football louts, red hair and then you have the all-inclusive hotels meaning you see as much of Magaluf as I can see space. I reckon you’d get more culture and rejuvenation from a tent pitched in the lake district, I dont know why we even bother….

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