Basketball ball I hear you shout?

DSCN5814If you are familiar with a Scottish council estate you will also be familiar with buckfast, used needles, dog jobbies,’no ball games’ signs and most certainly a decrepit relic of a play park mostly used by neds to ‘pump their burds’ after a romantic meal at mcdonalds. Well I say to that…no more to boredom! No to suffering from a lack of green space! No to being underpaid and overworked, we need leisure, we need a release! So what is the answer? It could very well be basketball, all you need is a basketball ball and maybe a driveway, but a pavement will suffice to practice your dribbling, which is a great alternative to heroin because you wont be dribbling from the mouth. Not only that but you can get all your mates to chip in to get one and make a team, which is a great alternative to joining a young team where you will almost definetly end up getting stabbed or sent to the jail. Then once you get really good at dribbling and can pass the basketball ball under your leg you could even kit yourself out with a net, taking it to the next level, you can get ones you can fit to your garage or a friends garage, then rope in a few lanky pals to join your team. Next thing you know you are playing against other council estates as the basketball ball excitement gets infectious like a good kind of aids that makes you fit instead of killing you which actually according to new advances in science and medicine isn’t technically true, aids isn’t the death sentence it used to be, where did it come from anyway? I digress…back to basketball balls…Even if you can’t afford a hoop there is many things that can substitute, you could use a bin for example and if you wanted it to be more realistic tie it to the top of a door, play parks should also provide plenty of targets for you to practice your wrist action. Open windows could also be a good one, just make sure you have permission first and that the window is actually open. Also never doubt the diversity of the basketball ball, much like neds they come in all shapes and sizes, actually they are pretty much all the one shape, but the size and material its made with changes. The cheaper balls will be made with poorer material, so it will be a lot less durable than the more expensive balls, which is something to consider if you tend to make the most out of it and use it regularly, and especially if you are using it on glass and needle strewn council estate pavements!
If I have convinced you that basketball is what is missing in your life, and you want to find the best outdoor basketball for you then look no further. My last piece of advice is to have fun, children are great at it, adults seem to need to dull every transmitter in their brain with alcohol in order to do it which means we are clearly not doing something right. And who knows maybe its basketball that’s missing? Or perhaps we need to just quit the rat race altogether.

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